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It was time again to write another rock song, and when the Panama Papers were released I found a good reason to do so. I had incredible help from soundcloud.com/jim-clark-17 on the lyrics and here is the final result. Enjoy listening!!

Panama Paper

1st Verse:
Just hide behind your Gucci shades
Your people will yacht you away
Another place to hide in fear
A sunny jail until another Black Monday

'Hey boss! Is that you on this page,
next to the giant skyscraper?'
It's going viral, your caviar
might topple onto this morning's Panama paper

I'm that big wall of sound
that'll rock you out of your shells
I'll be the amplifier,
and I aim my blue notes
right at the bows of your boats

Let's rock!
Yeah let's rock!
Come on!

2nd Verse:
You're locked behind these bars of gold
You pay no tax and stroke your ego
We have everything you never had
your greed is where reality goes

'Hey boss! Is that you on this page?
Thank God you're a market shaper.'
It's going viral, your caviar
might topple onto this morning's Panama paper.

When you barely pay your dues,
and then squander all your wealth.
Did you ever realize,
that you're just a child that cries.


Cheers! MM

Special thanks to @cosign-songs , @jambrains and RTS Audio Studio Duiven for your advice!!

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