Hi all! I composed this track almost 10 ys ago (just like soundcloud.com/martimedia/unreachable). I re-recorded the song and I had so much fun doing that.. Please share what you think/feel when listening to this song!
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This song is about that moment in life when you realize you should wake up and be yourself.




I used to choose my own direction
And let that be my guide
Not a single thunderstorm
Can make me float away with the tide

I tried to seperate 'right' from 'wrong'
And those I care for will feel my drive
For them I'll sacrifice
But how will I survive?

I don't believe in fate
But certain things just seem to happen for a reason
I'm used to be in control,
'Deny the miracle', but then I was blown away

Did I ever really live my life?
Or am I scared to bleed?
Afraid but dying inside?
How can I tell what I need?

I never really lost myself
Always ran away from the unknown
But I am lonely
It feels worse than being all alone


If I believed in fate
Life wouldn't be unsure
No need for any risk to take
And even magic wouldn't be my cure


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