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Hi all,

Wrote this song as an entry for the 'inspirational input' competition running at the 'kitchen'

The track's about 'Orion' who died fighting a scorpion and inspired by Metallica's instrumental 'Orion'.
My creation starts like an acoustic ballad, then transforms into rock and ends with a wink to the sound of Metallica to link the song musically to Orion as well. In the 'bridge' the organs represent
the constellation Orion, the guitar riffs represent the subject and the bass is the scorpion.
Yes, the changes in the 2nd half of the song may be way out-of-the-box, but I like how they carry the message in this song. What did you feel/think when listening to this track? Your comments are really, really appreciated!!


How did I get here
right in the open field
No move seems to make any sense
Just standing here and staring

Ran away from the scorpion
Cause her twisted mind just needs
To feel my disgust
And my fear of her poison

And then I looked up to you Orion
Can you lend me your sword?
I don't know if I can take anymore
If I can take anymore..

So now I'm right here Orion
Wondering how to fight the beast
Without ending up above
Like the way you did

You were brave, I am weak,
I am sure she will find me
Fireflies leave the field
Where you're shining bright

If only we could use your sword
To reflect your brave brightness
Right into her eyes
She'll be blind and I'll survive (2x)

I can't take it anymore (3x)

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