S'Express - Coma II
SubSurfing - She swims above the horizon
Higher Intelligence Agency - Influx
Irresistable Force - Flow Motion
B12 - Basic Emotion
Black Dog - Unknown A1 - Rising High TP Track
Balil - Avidya
Fila Brazillia - Maim That Tune - 09 Subtle Body
Another Fine Day - Esperanto
Plaid - Eshish
MC 900 ft Jesus with
DJ Zero - Spaceman
Yello ft Shirley Bassey - Rhythm Divine
Another Fine Day - Strange Waves
Velocette B2 - (Microcosmic EP - Reflective Records 03)
Fugue - Interlagos (Likemind records)
Extreme - Trasparenza
Symbols & Instruments - Mood (Optimystic mix)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey of the Dragons
Annette - Dream 17

For my contribution to this brilliant series I have dug deep into my record boxes from the nineties to put together this vinyl only mix. In keeping with the series ethos, here are my notes about each of these very special tracks...

S'Express - Coma II A slightly dramatic start to this mix but back in the day I used to like exploring the shifting and re-balancing the atmosphere with different music and moods. Maybe a little moody but sometimes you need to freshen the palate with something a little different, which this was as the time with Koyaanisqatsi meets Acid House Apocalypse Now helicopters whirling left & right.

SubSurfing - She swims above the horizon Tom 'Another Fine Day' tipped me off about amazing sound engineer, Greg Hunter and his collaboration with Ryoji Oba to create the Frozen Ants album. Love his production style; multi-layered with crystal clarity, most of the time.

Higher Intelligence Agency – Influx Perfectly crafted electronic tones & bleeps. Rarely a chill-out set was there without a HIA track. All of their albums excel imo. Delta and particularly Ketamine Entity were favourites for testing out a system's bass response.

Irresistible Force - Flow Motion One of Morris Gould's earliest releases on Casper Pound's Rising High Records in 1992. This was quite probably a tape & record exchange purchase I think. Stuttering percussion, resonant bass drops, acid squelches all lovingly produced by Morris' craftful hands & ears.

B12 - Basic Emotion Ever since I heard their their first album Electro Soma in Fat Cat records (title!!) I've been a huge fan of the electronica pioneers, Michael Golding and Steve Rutter's. So many tracks to choose from for this mix but I plumped for this one with its easy early morning vibe.

Black Dog - Unknown A1 - Rising High TP Track Ed Handley seems to be responsible for many of the tracks I still love to this day. It was a shame when he & Andy Turner left. For me, Black Dog rarely hit the mark so well without them.

As I was enthusiastically immersing myself in the burgeoning London electronica scene I was introduced to Ed at some party where at theatre by the Thames. A quite shy and modest guy but we spent some time chatting about his production techniques and approach to making music.

No idea where this Rising High test pressing came from with only Black Dog written in biro. I still have no idea what the four tracks on this 12" are titled.

Balil - Avidya Probably one of my all time favourite tracks from this period in my life. Again, Ed Handley is at the controls with one of his most sublime and gentle piece of electronica.

After the last house move my record collection has been in disarray. There aren't many records that would have me sift through the collection, twice. Couldn't find it so a hasty Discogs purchase it had to be. Just had to include it in this selection.

Don't tell the missus!

Fila Brazillia - Subtle Body Time spent hanging out at the offices of Kudos Records, who provided the SoR deal for my tiny record label Synthesis Productions, I was often free to wander through their warehouse and blag the latest releases. At the time they were distributors for Ninja Tune, Pork Recordings and first electronic jazz releases by Jamie Odell (aka Jimpster).
So my record bag was often bulging with vinyl i was lucky enough to have cadged from the lovely Danny Ryan & Mike Hazell & at Kudos.

So alongside 12's of A Zed & Two L's & Harmonica's are Shite I used to frequently return to this slightly hypnotic ambient track.

Another Fine Day – Esperanto While setting up my record label, Synthesis Productions I was introduced to the immensely talented and gentle soul that is Tom Green.
I was lucky enough to spend many afternoons in Tom's Brixton studio listening to demo's and ideas for his first solo album, Life Before Land. I thoroughly enjoyed the time being his sounding board and am proud to have received mention in the album credits (as Spud as I was known to everyone at the time). A nickname I eventually but slowly freed myself from as adulthood approached.

In any chill out setting either at home, a friends or club/party chill out room I would be playing material so skilfully crafted by this guy.

Through his ties with the Orb, I was also introduced to Kris 'Thrash' Weston. I can still remember the terrifying 'lift' on the back of his high powered black rat motorbike around south London with my Sequential Circuits Studio 440 Sampling Drum machine strapped to my back but that's another story. :-)

An inspiration in creativity and humanity, with attitudes and outlook that will remain with me for the rest of my days.

Plaid – Eshish Yet another fine track from Ed Handley, this time in the guise of the prolific Plaid. Gentle rhythms and production that work well alongside Tom’s Mbira.

MC 900 ft Jesus with DJ Zero - Spaceman Completely random purchase during my time in Maidstone with this odd track particularly sticking out for me with its fantastical tale told by the narrator plastered behind a fly poster. Another one to oddly shift the atmosphere and change the pace.

Yello ft Shirley Bassey - Rhythm Divine What to say about Yello? Such influential position they hold. Loved this track from the first time I heard this great collaboration with Shirley Bassey. Not sure how well it fits with the flow of this mix but I don't care.

Strange Attractor - Strange Waves In 1993 the label I founded with mate, Miles 'Atom Smasher' Flanagan, we released our first 12" on Synthesis Productions with four tracks from Tom Green under the moniker Strange Attractor, this, with my encouragement being an unfamiliar, and very rare, outing for Tom into to the domain of the 4/4 dancefloor. With Mbira Trance & Dyjedit likened to Experimental West Coast House of the time the B-side Strange Waves still holds a special place in my heart & somewhat hazy memories with it's delicate shifting patterns, reversing percussion and sun drenched corn field ambience with its wind chimes sampled from his living room. A track Tom some years later at Tom Middleton's live choir rendition of Amber at the Union Chapel in 2000 he admitted he didn't know how I snuck that track out of him; hence it's later inclusion in re-releases of Another Fine Day's Life Before Land when it transpired all my youthful exuberant ideas of making a profit running a record label predictably fizzled away.

Velocette - B2 Untitled One of many records I bought in 1994 from that memorable soho basement shop, Fat Cat records staffed by Alex Knight and Lee Grainge. One of the first specialist record shops where I found the environment not to be steeped in the usual cliques and cache of many small underground stores of the time. Consequently I would spend many hours listening to piles of fresh 12's plucked from the racks. Oh for the days when time seemed unlimited and musical opportunities seemed limitless. For me, those guys set the blueprint for record shopping and this third release on reflective records with its suitably shiney record sticker. Just one of the examples of their discerning taste and enthusiasm for the best in electronica and techno.

Galactic electronica. Used to love playing this loud on really big sound systems!

Fugue - Interlagos Loved all the records the B12 imprint, Likemind put out. Another blag courtesy of Mike & Danny at Kudos Records. I was such a lucky lad.

Extreme - Trasparenza Very early foray into Ambient House with this record which if I recall I bought from Rough Trade in Camden at the ripe old age of 20. A fine buy and a great introduction to some Italo House artists.
In fact, I think it was this album that alerted me to The Orb before Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld came out.

Symbols & Instruments - Mood (Optimystic mix) Think I first heard this in 1990 when I bought the first compilation in the Bio Rhythm series. This album introduced me to the Sheffield bleep sound, one which I still love.
originally surfaced on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS imprint courtesy of Derek Carter, One of the pioneers of House Electronica in Chicago in the 1990s.
Detroit techno flirts with the most gorgeous blissed out ambiance, which results in a 12 inch which has not dated since the day it was licensed to Birmingham’s Network label.
I think it was from this album that I then began also avidly buying the 12 versions of the tracks on the compilation by Nexus 21 (later to become Altern 8), C&M Connection and Neal Howard. All of which I played heavily when I moved to that their London and began playing in squat parties and nefarious clubs

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey of the Dragons Unforgettable track that I think I first heard this track by Mad Mike in the Soho basement of Fat Cat. A track I just learnt was dedicated to the memory of Chris Hani, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee & Yoshihiro Hattori.

Annette - Dream 17 First released in 1988 I bought this collaboration between T-Coy and A Guy Called Gerald on the fantastic 'North' LP, a compilation also including tracks by them including the seminal Voodoo Ray. Most probably bought from a record shop in Maidstone during my time at Art School where after a reasonably well behaved first year I began my discovery into Acid House.

This track still hits the spot. Perfectly balanced acid house.

If you’ve read this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed the music. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this trip back to those heady youthful days so I hope you don’t mind my taking this opportunity to record a few of the memories before the remainder of my grey cells pack up.

All mixes from this amazing series can be found on the excellent Balearic Social Soundcloud

    5:20   Subsurfing - She Swins Above The Horizon
    24:20   B12 - Basic Emotion
    46:00   Fila Brazillia - Subtle Body
    1:11:20   Yello - The Rhythm Divine - Remastered
    1:15:20   Another Fine Day - Strange Waves

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