Profile description of D. MACK:

MACKerMD is a producer, musician, dj, radio-host from The Netherlands.

He's been making music since he was 7 and still loves all kinds of genres, from chillout to ultimate hardstuffs. From the late 70s, he was fascinated by the music that was created by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro, Kraftwerk. Then he got his first little keyboard. Rather than the standard 'kiddiemelodies' his first replayed tune was 'In The Mood', simply because it had a lot of tempo and variation in the melody. During the 80's he got involved in the Italo-music, Disco-Remixes from 70's hits and he started to collect his first 12" vinyls. Next to all the genres came the fenomena of Original Soundtrack Music from eg. John Williams. In the late 80's he was part of the KTC (KeyTown Crew). A local hip-hop group that created funky tracks with nononsense lyrics. After a few ridiculed attempts to write lyrics himself, he kept it in making the backing-tracks with music and samples. While performing always played live instruments along.

And then... ''JACK came along'' .. it brought acid-house and the first house-like sounds from the 80's slowly into the early 90's and the whole scene exploded with experimental tunes. During this period artists like Joey Beltram, CJ Bolland and a lot of artists from Detroit were standard-gear in MACKerMD's dj-bag and played on a regular basis on various locations throughout the country. He insisted not to play on big venues, but kept it as underground as the music from that period was intended and was respected for that. Then came the time to do some of his own parties, coorporating with a few other underground party organizations, where artists such as RED (later collaborating with artists such as Armin van Buuren) and others started to develop and release their own material.
MACKerMD never released any of his 90's works on vinyl/cd/digital-format, but spreaded some mixtapes with his stuff which are now a very rare collectors-item.

Time passed.. artists from his hometown bloomed up to some of the most biggest artists in the world and MACKerMD kept quiet... until 2004....

The time had come to revive the vibe that gave life to house- and techno-music from the early 90's, in a new millenium jacket. New artists and DJs who were spinning new material but had the classic feeling of how a party-mood should be achieved. By telling their story, in an -UNLiMiTED- fashion, without restrictions in timelength, musicstyle, tempo or tracklist. The radioshow -UNLiMiTED FRiDAY- was born.

During this period, MACKerMD re-picked up his DJ skills and started to further develop his own unique sound, which was a mix of various styles into one, but with one goal in mind : To make people move in an emotion that is also a mix. You either smile and grin evilish, with a pounding fist up in the air while your teeth are showing as if you had just received the best birthdaypresent ever, or you'd be tunneled into an emotion that you had never experienced before, but is a human emotion afterall.
Therefor some people like and dislike MACKerMD's music. Which is nothing more but normal. If his music triggers any emotion at all, then he has reached his goal.

In 2007 he released his first track called ""Eitje"" , collaborating with Nick Thompson, who worked with Coldharbour Recordings and had released several tracks on vinyl, "Eitje" got released in a digital format and as CDR.
Later, MACKerMD got involved in several remix projects of which one got released with Amplified Digital, Katsarov's "Fortitude".

Then, it was a little quiet around MACKerMD again.
But when there's silence.. there's progress.

In late 2009, MACKerMD returned for a new audience on SoundCloud, where he developed new material, styles and almost always available for download. Some works were not put on his page, because there was a high interrest from various labels to release this material.

In 2011, The Kitchen Equipment EP got released on Ice Media (Canada) with 3 tracks (Coffeemachine, Teapot and Creamy Substance) which got great feedback.

In 2012 a lot of stuff happened for MACKerMD. Some of the remixwork he did got released, got involved on 2 compilation CDs and the agreement for a FULL ALBUM was set. Most that you've heard here will be on it.

He will continue to create music and mixsets for you to listen, review and comment to, where feedback is more important than making money. He doesn't want to make music that resembles to other artists, styles, hypes, and keeps searching for the ultimate discovery in sounds using all the available technology at his hands this time. His sound has a typical monotonic, acid-techno-like, synthesiser influenced, disco-underground feeling where the track always has a certain twist in it, to tell his story through music.

By the time of 'editing' this, it's 2015... and MACKerMD is still active making music, spinning dj-sets, evolving..

Please give him some feedback if you like his music... or not. :)


    • 124 bpm
    • Key: Dbm
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