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Rough Times is an electronic hip hop beat with a huge beautiful melodic sound. The main chord progression is from an instrument from the Ukraine called a Bandura. It has an acoustic medieval type of sound. The main melody is happy and upbeat at first but switches to a more suspenseful, emotional and dramatic vibe after the intro of the song. Funky hip hop drum rhythms and warm atmospheric pads add to the enormity of the track. Lead melodies are played by a Middle Eastern Oud and Chinese Erhu Violins. This beat has a very unique world sound that will catch the mind of the viewer of your video right away.

This track is perfect for interludes, Youtube vlogs, video game streamers, adventure and travel videos, fitness and workout videos, dramatic action music, Fashion shows, iPhone apps, motivational background music, tutorial music, video game background music, emotional sentimental scenes and any project needing funky upbeat electronic music.

Produced by Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel

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