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Glitch in the Middle East is a funky glitchy adventure in electronic dance music. This track combines different styles of modern day Glitch Hop with exciting Trap music beats, futuristic cinematic sounds and a beautiful melody played by a Middle Eastern Oud. This track has an overall uplifting sound with beautiful chord changes to evoke many different feelings and themes. It also has a deep suspenseful hollywood Sci-Fi action type sound. Since it is a glitch track with fast sounds happening all over the place it is very suitable for a video or film that has many quick cuts or fast scene changes.

This track is perfect for all types of youtube compilation videos, video game background music, cinematic action car chase battle music, beautiful Timelapse footage, stop motion art, futuristic space projects, technology presentations, upbeat advertising, fantasy themes, GoPro drone footage and intense world music.

Produced by Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel.

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