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On the A side there's 'Antilope', a sleazy hybrid between early nordic neo-disco and house. With a vivid selection of rhythmic arps, big filtered pads and a bottom heavy bassline, this track is opted for reckless dancefloor action.

On 'Mister E', LeSale channels elektro, synth pop and wave vibes from the late 80s. While always balancing between ethereal melodies and delicate synthetic percussion, 'Mister E' is also a late night contender with its ballsy synth bass and punchy drumming. The 'Hollow Mix' focuses on the raw essence of 'Mister E', bringing out the digital bell theme and the bassline even more, underlaid by a more reduced rhythm section.

The return of time travelling disco afficionados Space Echo is immanent, and their 3rd contribution to the Luv Shack catalogue is a very special one indeed. The three tracks on the "Rare Function EP" are boasting with dusty 70s blues magic!

The title track "Rare Function" sees Space Echo take a moody excursion into southern funk. With an insanely addictive rhodes hook, shimmering strings and a soothing vocal line that hits right in the guts, this piece is well suited to liven up any house set.

The final track is called "Rainbow Power" and its probably the most uncanny Space Echo track to date. Its a full on party rendition of a lesser known early 70s funk piece that just blasts off after being introduced to a fat acid line!

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