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Seed Crystal. An emerging soundtrack for FoAM's Anarchive, mixed by Lowdjo. 

A border crossing, genre-bending, multilingual polyphony of voices ricocheting around the globe. A musical companion for the uncertainties of our times. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Encouraging us to traverse the grey areas and interstitial spaces of the Near Now, with courage and compassion. Enfolding the raw energy of hope with the dark vibes of the season. It's an invocation, a seed crystal. Like the sunstone of old, it gives strength and helps navigate through ambiguity, refracting the tiniest hints of light into a myriad of shimmering potentials. It calls on us to become the calm amid the storm, as we break through siloes and walk through walls. 


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    0:30   Eomac - Prayer, Pt. 1
    13:30   Billy Green - Toadstrip (Demdike Stare's Double Drop Crash Edit)
    19:00   Borghesia - Rag (in memoriam Goran Devidé)
    24:00   Heilung - Krigsgaldr
    33:00   Senyawa - Istana
    42:00   Dirty Art Club - Midnight Blue
    46:00   Rudra - Obeisance
    50:30   Alice Coltrane - Hari Narayan
    54:30   Sussan Deyhim/Richard Horowitz - Intergalactic (Bonus Track)
    1:07:30   Les Vampyrettes - Biomutanten
    1:11:30   Stealing Sheep/The Radiophonic Workshop - The Knowledge pt. I
    1:23:00   Borghesia - Nver trust a soldier
    1:31:00   Filastine - Sidi Bouzid
    1:34:30   Muqata'a - Simya
    1:41:00   Eomac - Entrance
    1:46:00   Demdike Stare - Ishmael's Intent
    1:50:00   Hagop Tchaparian - Right to Riot
    1:54:30   Filastine - Colony Collapse
    2:00:30   Eomac - Living in a Society Designed to Break Our Spirits (But We Wont Let Them)
    2:03:00   Björk - Trölla-Gabba feat. KASIMYN
    2:04:30   G.H. - Earth
    2:09:30   Senyawa - Fasih
    2:14:30   Rudra - Atman
    2:20:00   Dharma - Cint?ma?icakra Dharani "Cint?ma?icakra"
    2:28:00   Blightcaster - Disgraced Species

    • Type: Mix
    • Brussels, Belgium
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