Mashup Mix volume 2, produced exclusively for
Spinning the best mashups in the world ever, Bootie Mashup was launched in San Francisco in 2003, shamelessly mixing and matching pop songs both throwback and current. With its creative theme parties and clever mashup formula, Bootie Mashup has been winning numerous nightlife awards in multiple cities for over 15 years. Its fun, danceable song combinations are the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation.
As the first and biggest mashup dance party in the world, Bootie Mashup has dedicated itself to the artform of the bootleg mashup. It now has regular parties in several cities, with various one-offs around the globe. Mashing up pop songs from every genre and era into one big dance party where everyone feels welcome, Bootie Mashup’s DJs (and SF mashup house band Smash-Up Derby) keep your brain guessing and body dancing with creative song combinations, celebrating — and satirizing — the many different forms of music. Bootie also presents the infamous Midnight Mashup Show, featuring drag and burlesque performers as well as singers, aerialists, and dance troupes. Bootie showcases the best mashup productions from around the world… because one song at a time just isn’t enough!

Ah! - Heart-Shaped Watermelon
DJ Moule - Deep Message
Smija - Man’s Red Fire
DRA’man - Jump Around The Lines
DJBC - I’m Too XXXy
Jack Roger - Don’t Say Love Jolene
Jack Roger ft. The Illuminoids - Rain On Me Shelter
Marc Johnce - Don’t Break Ice Cold Rain On Me
Oneboredjeu - Aqua Rain
MixmstrStel - Dream All Night
DJ Schmolli - Epic Love All Night
DJ Tripp - Dynamite Pressure
MixmstrStel - Beverly Hills Cheerleader
Lobsterdust - Glass Octopus
DJ Topcat - Only Like You
Salvador G - So Juicy
ZooKreeper - Cut To Africa
Warezio - Cut To More Than A Feeling
The Reborn Identity - This Charming Video Game
Bill McClintock - Girls, Girls, Girls! (Your Mama Too)
DeeM - Havana Sax Up
SMASH - everything She Wants Is A Dance Monkey
Kill_mR_DJ - Numb Habits
DRA’man - Up Diner
Happy Cat Disco - No Feelings, Just Good Taste
Lobsterdust - What’s Love Got To Dance Dance
Mighty Mike - Pressure Time
Satis5d - It’s Outatime In Your Eyes
Arty Fufkin - Been Caught Stealing Your Rump
DJ magic Baron - Alive And Sledgehammer
DJ Topcat - More Than On Point
Team9 - Sugar & Cheese
DJ Paul V - Just Can’t Get Club Action
DJ Tripp - Just Got Enough Feeling
Voicedude - Perfect Feeling
PomDeter - Beastie Shark
Rhythm Scholar - Any Way You Want It (Syntax Error Remix)
DJ Schmolli - A Deeper Love In The Free World
DJ Gizmo - Pictograph
DJ Fox - Grape By The Ocean
Voicedude - Cocaine By The Ocean
Titus Jones - Cherry Milkshake By The Ocean
Doug Ferguson - Relax In The Box
DJBC - Shorty Shutup
DJ Schmolli - Hipnotize Mama
DJ Prince - C’mon Drop It Like It’s Hot
Team9 - B.F. Meets T.I.
SMASH - Freestyler Will Rock You
Copycat - Fade To Pretty Vacant
DJ Mario Santiago - Prayer In C Otherside
Happy Cat Disco - When Doves Cry By Your Side
Jonny English - Stand Up & Swing
DJ Rick Lee - Gimme Torn
Michmash - Juicy Shotgun
Amoraboy - Just The Way You Live
Robin Skouteris - Whole Lotta Rockin Beats
Copycat - Stormstereo Notorious Uptown Funk
DJ Tripp - Paper Rump
Divide & Kreate - What Smile
SMASH - Can’t Stand Losing Hipe Hopes
Victor Serna - Hope To Win
Oneboredjeu - My Hopes
BootOX - California Skank
Rhythm Scholar - Summertime
Dean Belz - Shout Lean On
Jack Roger - Beautiful Dirrty Desert Mwah
Electrosound - 19-2000 Funk
DJBC - Unbelievable Juice And Gin
Rhythm Scholar - Hit Me
Happy Cat Disco - So Ob La Di Ob La Da
Divide & Kreate - Ray Of Mayo
DJ Cummerbund - PantsFeet
Comar - Chercher La Kryptonite
DJs From Mars - It’s My Life, Rock This Party
Zyle & Johnce - Just Titanium Dance Dynamite, Sorry
DJ Dumpz - Rhythm Of Wellerman Dreams
Phil n' Dog - Gay Muppet Bar
The Legion Of Doom - Crazy As She Goes
Divide & Kreate - Crazy In The Deep
DJ Magnet - Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly
DJ Giant G - Obsession For You
Puffadolphin - Breathin & Dancing With A Stranger
Party Ben - Boulevard Of Broken Songs 2018
Rhythm Scholar - Swish Swish
DOSVEC - Children Clarity
DJ Schmolli - I Love Clarity
Robin Skouteris - TNT Magnum
Marc Johnce - Blinding Mama
Lobsterdust - Bonfire Vision
Lloyd - Rude Vision
DJ Pyromania - Happier In The Middle
Isosine - Stay (Under My Umbrella)
MixmstrStel - No Strange Scrubs
Lobsterdust - NirGaga
Half MastHat - Pokerfaces
Dunproofin’ - Groove Is In The Girls
Loopido - Refresh Montana
The Illuminoids - Heart-Shaped Titties
Daw Gun - All About That Groove
Lobsterdust - Roll It
Chrispy - Old Town Timber Road
ZooKreeper - 500 Hamster Time

    Mashup Mix
    • 124 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Surrey, United Kingdom
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