• Jeannie Hopper
    LSL2.0 Radio - LIVE - May the 4th Be With You Show 5.04.2024

    LSL2.0 Radio - LIVE - May the 4th Be With You Show 5.04.2024 by Jeannie Hopper
    Starting out dubby... picking up the spacey tempo easing into warp drive... May the 4th Be with you!Hi Jeannie, May the force be with you Star Suite (Shelter)What up Anthony ... YES!Star Suite -shelter extended mixHey! Thanks for the music!💜great themed show Jeannie! loved listening while driving through staten island. (and titles reminded me a track Francois K played at Deep Space - Marvin "A Funky Space Reincarnation"  - with👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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7pm-10pm (EST) Tonight, LSL2.0 - May the 4th Be With You Show- DJ/Host Jeannie Hopper & Co-Hosts Reggie Johnson and Steve Marshall.

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    3:55   Tania Maria - Sementes, Graines & Seeds
    13:55   Emancipator - Time For Space
    15:55   ?lhan Er?ahin - Love in Space
    17:56   ?lhan Er?ahin - Love in Space
    19:56   ?lhan Er?ahin - Love in Space
    21:57   Shawn Lee - Low Riders in Space
    25:54   Lee "Scratch" Perry - Ever Forward Dub
    29:56   Joe Armon-Jones - Mollison Dub Vocal Version (feat. Asheber)
    39:54   Free Radicals, DJ Sun - Space Witch (Dub Remix)
    41:56   Mark de Clive-Lowe - ESSS (Love the Space)
    49:55   Rithma - The Great Spacious
    1:03:55   Level 42 - Starchild
    1:07:55   Dave Lee - Distorting Space Time
    1:21:55   Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (Masters At Work Mix)
    1:29:55   Funkadelic - Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You? (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [Louie Vega Remix] [Mixed]
    1:39:54   Juan Hoerni - Let It Go (feat. Maurice Smith) [Roy Davis Jr Space Echo Mix]
    1:43:55   Ganga - Sweet Harmony (Beat Pharmacy Deep Space Dub) [feat. Ben Ghazi]
    1:53:56   Tu?ba Yurt - ?nceden ?nceden
    1:57:55   Diephuis - Shine (Diephuis Afro Deep Mix) [Mixed]
    1:59:54   Fuminori Kagajo - Taking up Space (feat. Stephanie Cooke) [Kyle Kim Remix]
    2:05:55   MONDO GROSSO - Star Suite (Shelter Album Mix)
    2:27:55   Shugar House - Gippo
    2:29:55   Cofrix - Yumnrel
    2:31:56   Jay-J - Starting Over (Rasmus Faber Mix)
    2:43:56   The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme
    2:47:55   Simon Dunmore - Glitterbox - Disco's Revenge Mix 2 (Continuous Mix)
    2:55:55   Bronx Cheer & DJ Roland Clark - Space Disco (Dub)

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