Profile description of lifesupportmachine: is the emergency room for broken beats and ill basslines. The popular website features quality beats, mixes, mash-ups and mishaps for DJs and music lovers alike, all freely available to download.

With so many awesome artists giving away awesome free music these days and you’ll only find the sickest on our ward. We only post bootleggy unreleased naughty stuff, edits, or original tunes being give away by the artists themselves, and never without the artists consent (or at least the consent of the ‘remixing artist’).

    Ryuichi Sakamoto 'Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence Theme' -
    Ray Mang 'Look Into My Eyes' -
    Stevie Wonder 'Night Flight' [The Revenge Edit] -
    Grace Jones 'Slave To The Rhythm' [We Mean Disco Remix] -
    Dude Skywalker 'We Started Dancing' -
    The Knife 'Heartbeats' [Rex The Dog Remix] -
    Parada 88 'You're Gonna Miss Me' -
    Wanklemut 'My Head Is A Jungle' [Gui Boratto Dub] -
    Kraak & Smaak 'Strange Days' -
    Yntoo 'Primitive Eskimo' -
    N-Joi 'Anthem' [The Mafia Mix] -
    Alex Metric 'Always There' Ben Burns & Void 'Smooth To Touch' -
    Depeche Mode 'Wrong' [Frankie Knuckles Vocal Dub] -
    Empire of The Sun 'We Are The People' [Cosmonauts Edit] -

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