I wrote this piece while suffering symptoms that kept me confined to my house, and before I had any real idea as to what the problem was. I didn’t plan to write music related to that specifically, but so all pervasive was the effect on my psychological state, that it seeped into my music, in the way these things do. With the results you hear in this track.

In writing this one of my aims was to use only electronically generated sounds. That proved to be more difficult than I had expected. Electronically processed audio samples have so much become a part of music and music software, that it has become much harder to differentiate the electronic from the solely acoustic. I considered using only older synths and sounds, but I wasn’t sure how to overcome how dated these sounds are. They also have a certain thin quality, a lack of organic complexity and variability, that audio samples do very definitely possess in a plentiful form. However I did work out a way to reproduce this in a digital way, and all the indefinitely pitched sounds in this piece are 100% digitally created. For that matter so are all the tonal sounds. The drums were more difficult - one of the drumsets used was based on synthesis to make the drum hits. The other used a sample layering approach, using samples that sounded the most ‘electronic’ to my ear. However I can’t guarantee that these original samples were all electronic, as some may have had audio origins or be partly composed of such samples during the processing that created them.

Careful listeners will hear what sounds like a shout at one point in parts two and three. It isn’t. It was synthesised.

    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: C
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