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Awesome BUILDS. Unexpected DROPS. In sync, OR OUT. Melodic, AND ACID loops. Unique CLIMAXES. Some characteristics in techno DON'T need much of an explanation. LEEON is one of them…

Started playing as a resident on illegal SECRET WAREHOUSE-RAVES throughout Amsterdam. Made it to FESTIVALS & CLUBS (national & international).

These stages gave him a positive THRUST and BOOST to PRODUCING his own tracks. These tracks literally breathe many years of rave experience

His first upcoming RELEASES, already got support by some HEAVYWEIGHTS in the scene!

Not only have they been ROLE-MODELS. They’re also a great resource for INSPIRATION. And STILL are.

The SHARED PASSION to fill DARK rooms with lots of energetic PARTY PEOPLE, creates the best stories future Milennial grandkids shall hear. And all of these stories have one thing in common. They share the same start:

The BASIC elements which are fundamental in Techno. Another common part is that these stories usually end with ECHOES and smiles (or a loud nasty beep; this is a sign that you should take care of your hearing – or get your hearing cloned or 3d-printed asap).

Some might call “these mono-tome loud beats-gatherings, in dark places”, “NOT-MUSIC”, “…WHAT his little sis does on the PIANO; now THAT’S MUSIC!” -music. And that’s fine. Not everyone can handle this..

LEEON RESPECTS the piano too! In fact, it’s one of the FUNDAMENTAL and KEY ELEMENTS, next to a fat kick/drum/snare/hats/.., that eventually leads to an EPIC production / dance floor screamer.

BUT. LEEON has a few weak spots when creating new tunes.. Use of epic drum machines in a new tune rocks. Epic drum machines, known as TR-303’s, TR-808’s and TR-909’s are essential.

Sessions with these instruments, always have PREFERRED ADVANTAGE, rivalling, let’s say a 19th century BECHSTEIN classical piano.

Each MASTERMIND of their time deserve their own PROPS; music wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for; "DJ Chopin", Mo Zart, Beathoven, MC Rachmaninov, just to name a few that have CONTRIBUTED to music, in general.

Today and the future has many different INFLUENCES and STYLES, which slowly transform into a new and fresh sound. Feel free to label this sound, IF you care…OR… TUNE IN below, and find OUT why LEEON simply calls it: “JUST BANGIN’ TECHNO”.

LIKE MY SETS/TRACKS? LET'S STAY IN TOUCH! For more info, available press kits, enquiries, bookings and all other questions, check out the recently updated website; [

Listen to recently recorded gigs from FESTIVALS, CLUBNIGHTS, HOSTED RADIO / TV-SHOWS, PODCASTS, get updates on his Social Media, and get in touch.

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