It was round about this time twelve years ago that I made my first broadcast on internet radio, playing a one hour trance show that was heard by a single listener (take a bow Toni) I’m not entirely sure of the exact number of shows I’ve done since then but my best guess puts it somewhere between 900 and 1000, which still works out around one every five days.

In order to commemorate this vague milestone I wanted to do a series of mixes showcasing some of my favourite tunes from this era, the first of which I present to you now!

Given that my output nowadays is somewhat more sporadic than it used to be – something you can blame the twins for – I approached this task with minimal preparation and no particular plan. As such I can’t predict exactly when I’ll be posting these shows or whether they’ll all be of a similar length to this one, but hopefully they’ll still be a pleasant surprise and an enjoyable journey down memory lane.

Volume 1 is specifically a digital journey, but rest assured at some point during this mix series I will be dusting down the vinyl as well.

Other than that there’s not much to say apart from thanks for listening for all these years and I hope you’ll continue to do so in the future, too!

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