Many names have been made famous by songs. The woman is an eternal source of inspiration for the singer, especially the rocker. Behind these famous melodies, there is a muse, a desire. Songs that often speak of love, sex ...
The music transforms the name of the loved one into a unique word that sings, which dances in the head and the heart.
Find our selection of female first names songs in an original mix.

01.George Michael - Roxanne
02.Marc Jordan - Margarita
03.Toto - Rosanna
04.Christopher Cross - Think of Laura
05.Boz Scaggs - Simone (acoustic version)
06.Nyteflyte - Alicia's Song
07.Bee Gees - Fanny
08.Lionel Richie - Penny Lover
09.Eric Tagg - Marianne
10.Kool The Gang - Joanna
11.Dane Donohue - Tracey
12.Steely Dan - Peg
13.Tom Snow - Ronnie O feat. Warren Wiebe
14.The Beatles - Michelle
15.Michel Jonasz - Lucille
16.Westpoint - Joanie
17.Alessi - Oh Lori
18.Kalapana - Juliette
19.Rolling Stones - Angie
20.Bill labounty - cinderella
21.Bill Champlin - Sara
22.Geyster - Jane

    Pop, blue eyed soul, jazz, Classic-Ballade, slow, West coast
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