LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents DiMano & David Lucarotti Cinema De Soul (1970 - 1983)320kbit/s

    #4 LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents DiMano & David Lucarotti Cinema De Soul (1970 - 1983) by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY

Polar atmosphere with groovy accents funky soul with squealing tires and bursts of guitars wah-wah do you want it here for this podcast

A big fan of a musical library, we have dug deeper to bring even more unimaginable treasures in the form of Rare Groove diamonds unpublished in the light! Pursuit scenes, tense detective topics, cool gangsters in Cadillac. 20 nuggets composed by jazz legends or British elite studio musicians like Keith Mansfield among others.
Some titles could be described as instrumental prototypes hip-hop, all titles were reissued thanks to the German label Show Up Records and deals with dramatic, funkified rare-groove gems. Enjoy!

01.Dick Walter - The Fat Man
02.Michael Maller & Mike Baroty - Malikas Moon
03.Marc Rosen - The Connection
04.Armand Migiani & Renaldo Cerri - Des Gens D´Ailleurs
05.Frank Ricotti - Hostile Groove
06.Brian Bennett - Drama Montage
07.Kenny Salmon - Flying Squad
08.Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Soul City Drive
09.Dave Gold - City Police
10.Dan Seepers & Mike Barothy - War Remember
11.Alan Hawkshaw - High Diver
12.Barry Stoller - Disco King
13.Sylvano Santorio & Richard Demaria - Monday
14.Keith Mansfield - Before Summer Ends
15.Mike Moran - The Pick-Up
16.Johnny Pearson - Work Force
17Les Hurdle - Soul Train
18.Alan Parker - Sweeny Todd
19.Bunny J. Browne - Schizo
20.Jean-Claude Petit - Skyway

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    0:00   Wadz The Funkfather - Interlude
    1:20   Dick Walter - The Fat Man
    6:40   Marc Rosen - The Connection
    8:40   Armand Migiani - Des gens d'allieurs
    11:20   Frank Ricotti - Hostile Groove
    13:40   Brian Bennett - Drama Montage
    16:00   Various Artists - Flying Squad
    18:40   Chris Rae - Soul City Drive
    22:00   Dave Gold - City Police
    24:20   Dan Seepers - War Remember
    26:40   Alan Hawkshaw - High Diver
    30:00   Barry Stoller - Disco King
    32:20   Sylvano Santorio - Monday
    34:40   Various Artists - Before Summer Ends
    38:20   Various Artists - The Pick-Up
    40:20   Various Artists - Work Force
    42:40   Various Artists - Soul Train
    47:00   Various Artists - Sweeny Todd
    49:00   Bunny J. Browne - Schizo
    51:20   Jean-Claude Petit - Skyway

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