LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents A Kind of Jazz by DiMano & David Lucarotti EP13 by LATE NIGHT DREAM
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Once again the recipe remains the same in this series, all the colors, the trends, the facets of jazz are represented in "A KIND OF JAZZ", the purists surely cry scandal ... the truth is that all his music come from the roots of jazz, gospel and blues, Duke Ellington said, There are only two kinds of music: the good and the bad. So do not be afraid to keep your mind and ears open and simply enjoy this new episode of AKOJ.

01.The New Mastersounds feat. Lamar Williams Jr. - Lets Go Back NEW NEW NEW
02.Spacecake International - We Can Move NEW NEW NEW
03.The Liquor Store feat. Milla Thyme, KOF, Wayne Tennant - Royalty NEW NEW NEW
04.Erika Scherlin feat. Papik - I Feel Fine
05.Max Paparella Organization - Souvenir from My Last Journey
06.Keiser Twins - Song For Sophie NEW NEW NEW
07.Maryanne Ito - Good To Me NEW NEW NEW
08.Michalangela - As I See It NEW NEW NEW
09.Nancy Wilson - Sunshine
10.Ida Nielsen - F.U.NKWHY NEW NEW NEW
11.Myele Manzanza - Itaru's Phone Booth NEW NEW NEW
12.Nova - Electrocute NEW NEW NEW
13.Boogaloo - You Gotta Have Freedom
14.Maggie Herron - Another Wish NEW NEW NEW
15.Jerry Butler - Im Your Mechanical Man
16.Strictly Fine - Move That at Dave NEW NEW NEW
17.Jestofunk - Mama blues (Atjazz Remix)
18.Ebi Soda - Summer One NEW NEW NEW
19.Love Hustler - Move NEW NEW NEW
20.Carey Harris & Michael Orr - Spread Love
21.Fkj & Masego - Tadow NEW NEW NEW
22.Renegades Of Jazz - Nevertheless NEW NEW NEW
23.Marti Fischer – Bernstein NEW NEW NEW
24.Mike Andersen - One Million Miles NEW NEW NEW
25.Kaiit – Miss Shiney NEW NEW NEW
26.Chris Walker - Take Five NEW NEW NEW
27.India Arie - Steady Love NEW NEW NEW
28.Ltj Xperience - Way Down
29.Monkey House - Shotgun NEW NEW NEW
30.Prince Damons - This Side of Heaven NEW NEW NEW


    0:30   The New Mastersounds - Let's Go Back (feat. Lamar Williams Jr., Eddie Roberts, Joe Tatton, Pete Shand, Simon Allen, Mike Olmos & Jason Mingledorff)
    4:00   Spacecake International - We Can Move
    8:00   The Liquor Store - Royalty (feat. Milla Thyme, KOF & Wayne Tennant)
    13:30   Papik - I Feel Fine
    17:30   Max Paparella - Souvenir from My Last Journey
    21:30   Keiser Twins - Song For Sophie
    30:00   Michalangela - As I See It
    34:30   Nancy Wilson - Sunshine
    41:00   Ida Nielsen - F.U.NKWHY
    44:30   Myele Manzanza - Itaru's Phone Booth
    50:30   Nova - Electrocute
    56:00   Various Artists - You Gotta Have Freedom
    1:00:30   Maggie Herron - Another Wish
    1:04:30   Jerry Butler - I'm Your Mechanical Man
    1:09:30   Strictly Fine - Move That Ass Dave
    1:12:00   Jestofunk - Mama Blues (Atjazz Remix)
    1:22:30   Love Hustler - Move
    1:26:30   Harris & Orr - Spread Love
    1:32:00   Masego - Tadow
    1:35:30   Renegades Of Jazz - Nevertheless
    1:40:30   Marti Fischer - Bernstein Gold
    1:44:00   Mike Andersen - One Million Miles
    1:47:00   Kaiit - Miss Shiney
    1:54:30   India.Arie - Steady Love
    1:59:00   Ltj Xperience - Way Down
    2:05:00   Monkey House - Shotgun

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