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    Urban Gothic VI

    Urban Gothic VI by Kohhna
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Urban Gothic V and VI are companion pieces, they can be taken as a whole (though there are some tracks that appear on both mixes) or just enjoyed separately. The plan was to make a mix of deep, meditative, space-y, ambient music, the sort of thing that's not banging or even has a bit of a groove to it but has space in the beats to breath, which could move from soulful and emotional to harsh and noise-y. That's not quite how it has come out but these two mixes should be at least interesting and I had an interesting time trying to learn how to mix this type of music, some to a greater or lesser degree of success.

Download: hearthis.at/kohhna/urban-gothic-vi

    0:00   Japan - Ghosts
    4:20   Voltek - Hz Volt
    6:00   Vex'd - Oceans
    10:00   Aphex Twin - #21
    12:20   Loops Haunt - Tymadlyb
    16:20   Ceephax - Memory Lake
    24:20   Portishead - Scorn
    30:00   Clipping - Interlude 01 (Freestyle)
    31:20   Digital Velvet - Mera
    34:40   ?? - The Glow
    41:40   Wen - Time (feat. Parris)
    46:00   Ad-ver-sary - No Exit
    48:20   Eomac - Its Nice to Be Where Nobody Is
    50:40   A;Grumh... - The March
    55:00   King Midas Sound - Meltdown (Kode 9 And The Spaceape Rework)
    57:20   Ceephax - Voyage of Excellox (Original)
    59:00   KA - Peace Akhi
    1:03:00   Pat Hime - Whistling Copse
    1:06:40   Aaron Spectre - The Wrong Fuel
    1:12:20   Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have - From "Natural Born Killers" Soundtrack
    1:13:20   Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have

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