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    Industrial 12

    Industrial 12 by Kohhna
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A little recording of myself playing around, there's a few bangers but its mostly me experimenting with mixing quite different types of music while still keeping the vibe consistent, and trying to learn to mix properly now I have the use of some decent equipment and know my way around the EQs a little better. Again any feedback is much appreciated.

    Antigen Shift - Red Response (Tarmvred Remix) [Red Response (Tarmvred Remix)]
    Ad-Ver-Sary - Number Nine (Square Prime Remix by Autoclav1.1) [Number Nine (Square Prime Remix by Autoclav1.1)]
    Autoclav1.1 - Hell Is The Face Of Love [Hell Is The Face Of Love]
    Reindeer Flotilla - Kuru [iSv mix] [Kuru [iSv mix]]
    Hecq - flame II [flame II]
    Eyescream - Everyone [Everyone]
    Alec Empire and Techno Animal - Caucasian Deathmask [Caucasian Deathmask]
    Ontal - Visible Spectrum [Visible Spectrum]
    Ontal - Combat Engineering (Tomohiko Sagae Remix) [Combat Engineering (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)]
    ScanOne - UFB [UFB]
    Casual Violence - Borne [Borne]
    Orphx - Cracktest [Cracktest]
    Vex’d - Killing Floor [Killing Floor]
    Underhill - Trippin’ [Trippin’]
    The Bug Featuring Manga - Function [Function]
    Terrorfakt - Furak [Furak]

    • Type: Mix
    • Release Date: 2015-11-19
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial
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