Profile description of Kitty Von Maisen:

Hi, =^.^= its so cool to show u ,another alter-ego ,part of my life,Im so happy to be in underground limits,just i wanna play music without commercial reason ,in this case i play electro and minimal techno,but i change everything rules about it,in electro ,i try to..don´t use a lot classic sounds of 808(i love it) i make a mix between deep house,downtempo,lounge with power drum of electro ,thank u to be here and don´t forget to share it .
=^.^= thank you, Danke, Gracias, Merci!
If you wanna use my music in your Youtube videos... Feel free, as long as you have a link to my Hearthis account,in the description of your video. Thank my friends :)

    Experimental, Soundscape
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