Profile description of Kilmarth:

Music has always had a big importance in my life. Since my childhood, I listened regularly to all the vinyls that were in the family home: Louis Armstrong, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, … Later, it was the records of my older neighbor that I was going to swallow religiously: Depeche Mode, DAF, Fad Gadget, … My world has constantly evolved from industrial music to the IDM through classical music or even jazz or blues, everything is only but model and learning.

Since I was very young, I experimented with music by making very simple sound collages or even mixtapes that I could sell to finance the purchase of gears. Then came, much later, the period of the musical academy, the music theory and the learning of the classical guitar that I gave up in favor of the MAO.

Kilmarth was born somewhere in 2007 when I realized that music could be something other than a dream. Since then, I never stop learning, experiencing, abandoning, working again ... Music is a journey, which leads us to the source of Kilmarth where the heroes of Daphne du Maurier travel in the time. In the same way, music makes travel, dream, transports us and unites us.

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