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fifth and final part of the ‘mind-over-matter’ movie-series

  • Swarm-intelligence 434 intro / preview
  • spontaneous & in-between bestof Kess
  • Nutrition and detox tips
  • shortcut quote and self-experiment of physicist Tom Campbell: ‘food is optional’
  • Wim Hof Iceman Breathing Tutorial
  • ICAROS - Songs of the Plant Masters
  • Raise of body-own frequency and why I can’t listen music anymore / only rarely
  • worth and deepness of getting rid of addictions, consume as well as thought / behavior - patterns through Iboga / microdosing effects, as well as worth of Sapo Kambo frog medicine
  • tips about the minimalistic things that are still reasonable
  • body care without products and letting-hairs-grow
  • ‘step out of the system’ - life without money forces and liabilities
  • giving back menstruational-blood to the earth
  • ‘stop saying about being in the here and now’ - quote by Victor Truviano
  • being more offline and still connected
  • LucidDream fairies work, expression and joy for life
  • connection quantum-physics, consciousness creates / spirituality
  • Insect-swarm-intelligence similarity to hyperdimensional switches and ‚service‘ for global consciousness
  • afterlude - extended version-: Rainbow Gatherings of the Tribes, far, far away … peace movement … mother I feel you … we are one

quoted videos:

precious info on Iboga, Ayahuasca, Kambo at ClearText Article at LucidDream hp:

good source for Iboga: connect to the fb group 'Iboga - Tree of Knowledge'

I also talk about 434 and his outstanding videos - due to copyright issues I won't be able to publish the planed LucidDream 434 movies what would be anyway a almost 1:1 compilation of his channel - so simply watch the 434 videos to connect with what I want to transport: 
434 channel:

List of 434-source-videos that I can’t publish - watch-tipp:

Who is the Creator, 434, 2019:
Synchronicity explained by machine elves, 434, 2018:
Is synchronicity real? It is. Here's proof, 434, 2018:
Who / what are machine elves? I can explain, 434, 2018:
What is ego death? It's meeting the real you, 434, 2019:
What are human origins? Where do we come from? Machine elves explain, 434, 2019:
Love explained by machine elves. The most important message, 434, 2018:

#LucidDream 434-2-sources
Why is there so much evil?, 434, 2019:
How to meditate, 434, 2019:
Why are magic mushrooms magic?, 434, 2018:
Who can communicate with machine elves?, 434, 2019:
Are magic mushrooms dangerous? They can be, 434, 2019:
Motivational tape from machine elves, 434, 2019:
Talking to the dead, 434, 2019:
What is the Plan It is YOU., 434, 2019:

Article about the ‘mind-over-matter’ movie series:

Risks and essential information before starting into the Breatharian Path:

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