A SpecialWala Set by Kapil Bambardekar (Ethereios, Mindful Nomads, Sleepless Monk) Raju Suryanadi, and Noel Recorded Live in Arambol, Goa
Week 24

"Mystic dance concept came from years of collecting music in different genres. A few years ago I started exploring harmonic mixing and thought to play/record instruments on it. What followed was a long journey of learning different instruments, 100s of hours of jamming and playing in live Bands, practicing instruments on my own backing tracks, exploring ecstatic music and sound journeys. This mix represents my progress so far, no mixing apart from transitioning tracks, recording musicians requires clean background sounds and complete stories, maybe with more practice we'll try live mixing/multiple tracks. Everything recorded live, no alterations later except effects, volume adjustment for mix cutting some extra parts.
But harmonic arrangements work best now" (Kapil Bambardekar)

Instruments recorded: - Didgeridoo, Flute (Shakuhachi n Bansuri), Mouth Harp, Gogona, Saphoon, Tambourine, Ukulele, Kalimba, Vocals, Shakers.

Musicians: - Kapil (Ethereios/Beyonder/Sleepless monk) Raju Suryanadi, Noel.

Tracks by: Chronos, Menkalien, Kurbeats, Subaqeous, Dimmat, Lunecell, Sephira, Faithhealers, Hakkah, Etnoscope, Ekoplex, Koan, Cardamohm, Xnorophis.

Link to the Phenomenal 23 weeks of MUSICAL THERAPY FOR TROUBLED TIMES series which started on 15th April, 2020 - soundcloud.com/kuntil-baruwa-1/sets/musical-therapy-for-troubled-times-series - supported by Fat Freddy, Vox Fabri, JokerFox, Pluriverso, Enogata + Audionimus, Anonymous (you know who you are), Fluroneuro, Kek Heh (Luis Enrique Hernandez, Bhassam, Ekimskrid, Cosmic Wizard (Carlos Galvan), CinderVOMIT, Mohinia, Phantom Deep, Anicca, Brkho, Herbert Quain, Axis Mundi, Varázsló, Nii-Har, Elephant, and Omnium

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    Mystic Dance
    • 125 bpm
    • Key: D
    • Jorhat, India
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