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**This Week Shan Featured UK Hip Hop/Underground Hip Hop/Hip Hop Classics With Specifik, Fireball Fingaz, Hoetown Heroes, Gennessee & LRoneous, People Without Shoes, Dan-E-O, Common, Alias Molonmbo, Jimi Needles, Emskee & Jake Palumbo, 2 Live Crew & More.
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Shan & The Science Of Sound Show Every Friday From 8:30PM UK Time On
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    1:00   The 2 Live Crew - Throw The Dick
    11:00   Emskee/Jake Palumbo - Ship 'Em Out (Clean)
    12:30   Jimi Needles - Serving Suggestion
    16:30   Alias Molombo, A-F-R-O, Ciphurphace - Boom Bap 5:16 Challenge Champs
    31:30   Common - Wise Up
    35:30   Dan-e-o - Vigilante
    38:30   People Without Shoes - Audio Dope
    42:00   Gennessee, L*Roneous - Knew Direction
    45:30   Hometown Heroes - Talk About It
    56:00   Fireball Flingaz - Enuf Iz Enuf
    1:09:30   Specifik - Eighty3 in MY Head (feat. Jibbarish)

    Hip Hop, UK Hip Hop, Oldschool Hip Hop, underground hiphop, Electro hip hop old school
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • City of London, United Kingdom
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