Welcome to the 69th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This time a live mix by Warmth. Expect a journey into the Abyss of field recordings, deep chords, far away sounds and textures, basses and more!! Enjoy!

"Everlasting vast spaces covered with warm ambient sounds and dub chords" Warmth mainly focuses on Downtempo & Dub Techno and attaches a very own personal vision to his work with his long ambient lines and melancholic moods that leave you with a beautiful unforgetable feeling.




Story about the live mix:

'Manto' and 'Reef' are part of my first album, it will be released on CD in the next few months through ROSH! I think these were the latest tracks I've made for the album, I've tried to work on different aspects of a very specific sound to make everything fits better. The original versions are a bit more rhythmic, like the rest of the tracks on the live, but pretty much the same idea.

The remix for Lessov is one of the latest things I've done. The guy kindly asked me to do a remix and I thought it would be difficult at first, cause actually the original was some kind of progressive-trance tune, but it was not really hard to take the sounds into my style, It took just a few hours to make the remix.

The track with Triames is taken by a first idea I sent to him, he added some glitches and a real waterphone that sounds quite scary wich is great, is not in this version cause I didn't have the actual project when I made the Live, but hopefully it will be released along another couple of tracks we did together, so you all can hear the full version.

'Shoreline' has been just released in two different versions through spanish netlabel Edaphon, the guys running the label, Rinno and Dave Marian, asked me to do something for them when they started the project. I really love what they do so I just can't say no.

'Northbound' and 'Height' are part of un upcoming EP on Retrospective Zoology. I think some of the tracks on this one are by far the greatest things I've done and there is also huge remixes from some of my favorite producers: aspect. (Textural Being) and Desove.


  1. Warmth - Manto | Live Version
  2. Lessov - Nautilus // Warmth Remix | Live Version
  3. Triames & Warmth - Waterphone | Live Version
  4. Warmth - Shoreline | Live Version
  5. Warmth - Northbound | Live Version
  6. Warmth - Reef | Live Version
  7. Warmth - Height // Redub | Live Version

Photography and Design: Jeroen Smulders

Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

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    Dub Techno, Deep dub, Field Recordings
    • Type: Podcast
    • 116 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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