Welcome to the 111th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast
This weeks chapter as been changed, The set by Buruchiaka will be released next wednesday. So the set for next wednesday will be released NOW! Duchess of Dub brings us a monster of a set for more then 2 hours of pure electronic music. Expanding from her dubtechno roots into more various genres out there all in one mix.


From Central Canada The Duchess Of Dub brings from Europe fresh sounds provided by the artists whom created the sounds themselves. As servant to them to get their hard earned work heard more in the world. Sit back and enjoy the audio flow to ease your mind after a long day of life.


  1. S Ence - Present
  2. Subset - Pandora Ave
  3. Vytis - Organon (OhmikRonz Fructose Remix)
  4. SubMade - The Path Into Light
  5. cv313 - subtraktive ( Luke Hess + Brian Kage's Reference Mix)
  6. Twin Peetz + Moolsaasa - RdubZ
  7. Ou!Din13 - Eufeeling
  8. Giri Dvasios - Pavasar sugr s
  9. Kiano & Below Bangkok - Chicago Vibe
  10. Fingers In The Noise - Open Source (RGL Decoding Remix)
  11. Jeorgmueller - St Pancras (Sals Remix)
  12. Mark Ward - Water Dub
  13. S Ence - Untitled
  14. Unknown Artist - Dub Chronicles
  15. Isolation - Seven Things
  16. Haventepe - Melody For Penelope
  17. Mr Bizz - Space 2999
  18. Alexander Dahlmann - Rhetrograde Orbit
  19. Lars Leonhard - Kernmagneton ( Time Engelhardt High Voltage Reshape)
  20. Lars Leonhard - Tibouchina (Basicnoise Remix)
  21. Fluxion - The Steps






Photography and Design: Jeroen Smulders

Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

    45:40   Giriu Dvasios - Pavasari Sugris
    1:00:40   joergmueller - St. Pancras
    1:36:00   Alexander Dahlmann - Retrograde Orbit
    1:42:00   Lars Leonhard - Kernmagneton
    1:49:40   Lars Leonhard - Tibouchina
    1:57:40   Fluxion - The Steps

    Dub Techno
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