Welcome the 104th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This weeks set is a Live Set created by B Mus. You can describe his music to a more harder dubtechno genre. As it sounds like more techno based music there is also a lot of dubtechno influences. This live set makes it very interesting which way dubtechno can be created.


Born in 1977 it was in the very early nineties
as i began to fall in love to music in general and
all electronic music in special.
in 1993 i bought my first pair of technis 1210
and started of djing - first at home, later at
self-organized parties and in clubs of course...

at that point i decided not to try to get a "pro",
so that i'm always allowed to do whatever i want and what i wanted
was the next step, not just to play music

  • i wanted to make some...

that took a while but around winter 2006/2007 the first
productions were released...

stylistic is everything possible as long as it has a
some kind of deep, warm, bass heavy and dubby feel...

Calmness is a virtue.

It was in the early nineties, around '93,
after his first visit of the formerly
(especially in Germany) well known,
Palazzo Club when B Mus [Simon Weinheimer]
found something he knew he would keep his
life - the love of club music and - culture.

As an autodidact he soon bought his first
records, two decks and mixer and started DJing.
The closeness of his hometown Mainz to cities
like Frankfurt and Cologne (both still hotspots
today!) abet his passion.

In the following decade the first self organized
parties and one off gigs came, as well as small
residencies at local clubs around Mainz and the
Rhein-Main Area. - And also the conscious decision
that he doesn't want to become a Pro, so he wouldn't
have the pressure of always being "hot" to earn money
to make a living out of it.

Not a Pro, but still deep in love with music it was
around winter 2006/2007 when his first productions
came. Influenced by the records he plays as a DJ his
music is always kind of deep, loop based, echoing
techno dub in the context of labels
like Studio 1 and Basic Channel.

releases available on:

Sublime Porte sublimeporte.net
OC-Powerpacks oc-records.de/powerpacks
Aesthetic Circle aestheticcircle.blogspot.de
Komplex Audio discogs.com/label/Komplex+Audio
Deepindub deepindub.org




All tracks by B Mus

  1. Psychometrie
  2. Secret In The Dark
  3. Linearity
  4. Terra Chant
  5. Railway Stations
  6. Shadow Clash
  7. Boxed Thoughts
  8. WindyCity Dawn
  9. A Sorm Arises
  10. Tales Of The Ancient Drum pt.1
  11. LowTech Junk
  12. Blowout
  13. HonKong Reshape
  14. Hibernate
  15. Timeslider
  16. Lake At Night
  17. Mind Reflections

Photography and Design: Jeroen Smulders

Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

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