A few months back Jaime shared a poem on Facebook. I asked her if she minded if I tried to turn it into a song.

On Jaime's own words:
"I wrote this poem when I was a senior in high school. At the time I was 18 years old and had to give the valedictory speech to my graduating class. Even back then, I wrote poems...so, it was clear to me that I would also speak in "rhymes" on that day. I posted this poem on Facebook a few months back and Antonio asked if I minded if he created music for it.
Here is the end result...words written by an 18 year old "me" ...trying to encourage my classmates to "do" and to "be" letting nothing ( not even mountains) stand in their way. "

You can find more great music on Jaime's fine cloud here: hearthis.at/jaimejross

Mountain High
Music - Anmafean
Lyrics - Jaime J Ross
Vocals - Fábio Costa
Backing Vocals - Jaime J Ross; Marta; Anmafean

We have the strength to change the world
If only we will try
To climb the highest mountain
And finally reach the sky

We look into tomorrow
With the eyes we have today
We view the past as precious
And we hope the memories stay

Struggles they will find us
Test us to our core
Seeing if we’ll settle
Or if we’ll strive
For so much more

And where will our footsteps lead us
Only time will tell
We just keep moving forward
And we trust all will be well

Our future does shine brightly
And our hope will always be
A foundation for tomorrow
And a light we’ll always see

If we set our standards high enough
And bravely follow through
We can finally move that mountain
See there’s nothing we can’t do

    • Type: Original
    • 88 bpm
    • Key: E
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