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Accentbuster _ 303 Dimensions 019 P2 (April 4th 2017)

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  1. Accentbuster - Refractive Condensation [303parseca]
  2. Accentbuster - Water Playground [HHertzSignal]
  3. Wuppa Ego - I Want Love (Accentbuster Remix) [Desperadoz Records]
  4. DJ HMC (Late Nite Tuff Guy) - Cum On (Accentbuster´s Maximum Acidum Re-Edit) [Lightspeed Recordings]
  5. Accentbuster - Isotopes (HCLO4 Remix) [Hypnohouse Trax]
  6. Accentbuster - Kerosine [303parseca]
  7. Accentbuster - Geostrategics [303parseca]
  8. Accentbuster - Alkaline (Junkfood Version) [Aural Energy Records]
  9. Accentbuster - Hunger For Energy [303parseca]
  10. Accentbuster - Tesla [Zero Digital Records]
  11. Florian Breidenbach vs. Accentbuster - Fisher Body Plant 21 [Hypnohouse Trax]
  12. Rene Reiter - The Rabbithole (Accentbuster Remix) [Promo]
  13. Strategic Rainbow Supercommand - Explorative Therapy [Hypnohouse Trax]
  14. Emmanuel Top - Lobotomie (Accentbuster Refinement) [Not On Label]


Accentbuster (aka DJ Horus), was a constant figure in the techno-scene of East Hesse, a producer and DJ, who has always reinvented himself over the years, creating new definitions of Techno. His DJ sets, which has been "vinyl-only" for a long time in various clubs and at many parties, have always been characterized by a clear and uncompromising definition of state-of-the-art techno. They have moved stylistically from (Acid) Techno and (Hard & Acid) Trance to Progressive House & Techno to what is now generally understood as an honest and hearty tech house and techno.

At times he was allowed to experiment in a combo during a live performance with a whole fleet of studio equipment at various events. He also played a major role in the organization of whole party series. In his present appearances, he now combines these two elements and creates unique sets with live performance passages.

Already in his childhood, on the other hand, he began to experiment with synthesizer sounds and to experiment with samples after shorter classical music excursions in flute and guitar playing. Mainly influenced by the Frankfurt sound of this time he began to produce electronic dance music in his own small home studio at the tender age of 14 years in the early 1990s. With numerous international releases as well as remixes / re-edits for well-known artists, he can be found throughout the web (officially released for the Australian House legend DJ HMC, now known as Late Nite Tuff Guy, or unpublished to Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner's Sky and Sand).

Together with his mostly long-time companions from the scene, numerous other projects for live performances and / or publications such as Fogmountain Soundsystems, Diegel & Kallemann, Innerself Pilots, March & The Barkeeper, Triplox, Accentbuster & Oedla, Brecholot or SYNthACKtix. He also appeared as a solo artist with various project names, including: Squares Project, J-Sphere, Raminado, Watercourse, Horus2, and most recently Accent B and Strategic Rainbow Supercommand. The publications are in the most diverse forms of electronic dance music, each of the projects mentioned has or had its own dynamic.

In the meantime, he has now been established in the vicinity of Hansestadt Hamburg for several years now with his first own label HHertzSignal, which started in November 2016. The name is a program, because it is about techno with heart and thus also various subgenres of the classical technobegriff, but only to honest and thus uncompromised, affective and direct dance music.

The upcoming HHertzSignal 006 - Various Artists - Recreative System EP launches in May 2017 which includes Accentbuster & Refuge on the same compilation! Both tracks can be heard on 303 Dimensions 019!

    0:00   Accentbuster - Air Force 3.03 - Refractive Condensation (Flying Think Tank Sessions)
    6:40   Accentbuster - Wasserspielplatz
    11:20   Wuppa Ego - I Want Love
    23:00   Accentbuster - Isotopes
    25:20   Accentbuster & HCLO4 - Isotopes (HCLO4 Remix)
    26:20   Accentbuster - Air Force 3.03 - Kerosine (Flying Think Tank Sessions)
    32:40   Accentbuster - Air Force 3.03 - Geostrategics (Flying Think Tank Sessions)
    42:20   Accentbuster - Air Force 3.03 - Hunger For Energy (Flying Think Tank Sessions)
    54:40   Accentbuster & Florian Breidenbach - Fisher Body Plant 21

    Techno, Acid Techno
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 04/04/2017 9:58 AM
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