1. Dolls Combers, Dana Byrd - Don’t You Ever Wonder Why
  2. Zulumafia - Darkest Day (Long Journey Mix)
  3. Kings of Tomorrow, April Morgan - Fire (Sandy Rivera & Laroye’s Fire Funk Mix)
  4. Opolopo, Hubert Laws & Gregory Porter - I Tell The Story
  5. Boddhi Satva, Omar - Benefit (Myny Remix)
  6. The Realm - When In Rome (Spiritchaser's Balearic Re-touch)
  7. Groove Concept, Johnny Dangerous - Lights Out (Rocco Deep Mix)
  8. Kaznova, Rona Ray - Look What You’ve Done (Rocco Rodamaal Dubwork)
  9. Dave Anthony, Atjazz - Dimensions (Original Mix)
  10. Brian Power, Rebecca Scales – So Long Gone (N’dinga Gaba Afro Vocal Mix)

I think it has become clear in todays’ world of non-rest and lack of peace that most people have that moment when they ask, Don’t You Ever Wonder Why things are the way they are? It is like when everyone goes through their Darkest Day does it not raise some red flags? We all need a little bit of that Fire to keep us warm but most of all to keep us going.

Many stories of dungeons and dragons we have to express yet I Tell The Story from a place of many a times I have experienced great Benefit, where through all the ups and downs we notice how fragile we are and how much each one of us needs love, to be loved and to experience love.

As the saying goes “When In Rome, do as the romans do” it’s clear that we have much to adapt because humanity has been seeking change but running around the same circles looking for a square. Before the thought processes put your Lights Out, remember the view from behind can remind you of proud moments and achievements where you can say to yourself Look What You’ve Done. Many more Dimensions there are to explore and sometimes all the hurt you have once experienced may now be So Long Gone, yet may those scars be a reminder on how to do things different next time.


    • 115 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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