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    JP Mix Trance and Electronic Episode 160

    JP Mix Trance and Electronic Episode 160 by Juan Paradise
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I just made the 2nd account, because I exceeded more than 500 envious of my 1st account.

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    0:00   Leo Lauretti & Taygeto feat. Giovanna Bianchi - Find My Own (Emerge Remix) [Progressive Trance]
    5:37   G Coulter - Lost Karma (Overground Interpretation Remix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    13:15   LKX - Illusion (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    17:07   Fusion Bass ft. Evgenia Indigo - The Future Is Here (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release]
    23:11   Super8 & Tab feat. Colin Smith - Hurricane Love (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    27:52   Norni & Eximinds & Alexandra Badoi - Drowning In Love (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    31:24   KID K4NDI - Raining Giraffes (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance]
    35:31   GoC - Checkpoint (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    39:36   Simon Fischer pres. Tales Of Elevation - Universal Silence (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance]
    47:07   Daxson - While We Wait (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance]
    51:52   Franck Ftc - Falling To The Skies (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]
    56:06   Adam Frame - Feldberg (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]
    1:02:55   Elenski - Wind In Her Hair (Extended Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]
    1:07:15   Rene Ablaze & Terra V - Heavens Above (Extended Mix) [Trance] [Release of the week]
    1:13:10   Sundancer - Dacia (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]
    1:18:40   John Askew - Tooth Decay On Tuesday (Extended Remix) [Trance] [Release]
    1:24:03   Long Route - Shiv (Original Mix) [Psy Trance]
    1:27:08   AlexRusShev - Storm (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance]
    1:32:18   Alexander Popov vs. Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun [Reloaded] (Extended Mix) [Uplifting Trance]
    1:36:43   Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Vocal Club Mix) [Trance] [1998] [Classic]
    1:42:23   Leroy Moreno - Veritas (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    1:48:11   Dave Steward - Links & Chains (Extended Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]

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