• Juan Paradise
    JP Mix Trance and Electronic Episode 159

    JP Mix Trance and Electronic Episode 159 by Juan Paradise
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I just made the 2nd account, because I exceeded more than 500 envious of my 1st account.

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    0:00   KBK & Grande Piano feat. Agata Pasternak - Mystery Of Tomorrow (KBK Acoustic Version) [Trance]
    2:25   IN5INITE - Surname (Original Mix) [Dubstep Trance] [Release]
    6:55   Dhagmar feat. Romclow - Wake Up (Original Mix) [Dubstep Trance]
    9:28   AVIRA - Miracles (AVIRA Unplugged Mix) [Progressive House] [Release]
    13:14   Durval Lelys, Davy Cataxo & Rodmac - Positividade (Extended) [Electro House]
    16:05   Rakka ft. Rodrigo Sá, Victor Olivatti - Respeite Meu Axé (Extended) [Electro House]
    20:11   Aurosonic, Costa & Cathy Burton feat. Julia Violin - Can I Count On You (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    27:38   Arthur Sobrer - Around The Moon (Extended) [Progressive House]
    33:21   Nitrous Oxide - One Love (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    40:58   Andrew Frenir - Nobody Like You (T Davids Remix) [Electro Trance]
    45:17   Lonnie Gordon - Happenin' Hall Over Again (Hip House Mix) [1990] [Classic]
    49:45   Temelli - Ruveyda (Original Mix) [Breaks Trance] [Release of the week]
    53:54   Trancephonic - Galaxy (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance]
    58:05   Tom Bro - Another Way (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release]
    1:02:00   Woody Van Eyden & Paton feat. Drew Darcy - Reach Out (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    1:08:11   Stoneface & Terminal - Consoon (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release of the week]
    1:14:05   Tony Grand & YURI PIKE - Sunset (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance] [Release]
    1:18:16   Blue Serigala - Ampera (Extended Mix) [Progressive Trance]
    1:23:15   Vyacheslav Sketch - Summer Sun 2020 (Original Mix) [Trance]
    1:28:10   Imayl - Nightfall (Original Mix) [Trance] [Release]
    1:34:27   U4IA - Everything's Okay (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    1:40:05   Stoneface & Terminal - Berlin '96 (Take Me Back) (Club Mix) [Trance]
    1:47:20   Dmitry Cooper - Relict (Extended Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    1:52:35   Mark L2K feat. Angel Falls - Listen (KaltFlut Remix) [Uplifting Trance]
    1:58:18   Astrounit - Three Wishes (Original Mix) [Psy Trance]
    2:03:17   Syafiq Hakim - Rhamnousia (Extended Mix) [Trance] [Release]
    2:07:59   Hiroyuki ODA - Yozora (2020 Rework) [Uplifting Trance]
    2:13:12   Kiyoi & Eky - Reset (Extended Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    2:18:39   Gayax - Hypernova (Victor Special Remix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]
    2:25:16   Trinity - Fourth Dimension (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release]
    2:31:24   Julius Beat - Heartbeat! (NrgMind Extended Remix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    2:36:16   James Kitcher & Adam Taylor - Falling Flame (Original Mix) [Uplifting Trance]
    2:40:55   Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    2:45:33   Nuestro - Twisted (Fresh Code Remix) [Uplifting Trance] [Release of the week]
    2:52:15   Santiago Ibañez - Como es posible (Christian C Remix) [Uplifting Trance]

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Alto da Lapa, São Paulo - SP, Brasil
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