It wasn't that I was in the mood for lovesongs. It was more like I was in the mood for some of those old school singing groups. The ones with the outfits and the choreography. There were no boy groups. They were young men. It all started when I found myself looking at videos on Youtube. First, I found the Younghearts, and then I caught a video of the Delfonics; not only in their prime(s), but actually singing the song. I prefer to avoid songs where the artist is lip-synching, but there just wasn't a lot of videos being shot from those days. So, I had to work with what I could find. If you'd like to check out what I'm talking about, some of the videos can be found on my Facebook page, Smooth Soul Radio. If you're okay with listening, check out the set.

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Here's the list:

The Younghearts - Dedicate my love to you
The Floaters - So glad I took my time
The Dramatics - Be my girl
The Dells - Stay in my corner
Tavares - Never had a love like this before
The Stylistics - Stoned in love with you
Switch - There'll never be
Blue Magic - Lady in my world of love
New Edition - I'm coming home (selected because of how it fits with the following song)
The Whispers - Heaven (from their last recording together, "For Your Ears Only")
Take Six - You know you're in love
Bloodstone - Natural High (check out their video on the Smooth Soul Radio Facebook page)
Ray, Goodman, & Brown - Inside You

Alive at Five is a Smooth Soul Radio production.

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