In this week’s Jazz Infinity, the theme is Jazz Expressions. That’s the name of Lydia Salet Dudley’s EP Release. We’re going to hear some of that. It’s also a good name for a session where we ask the question, “what is jazz?”.

Gil-Scott Heron, Is it Jazz?

That’s a hell of a question, from Gil-Scott Heron. Is that jazz? A lot of words get tossed around. Love. Friends. Genius. Soul. Maybe it’s the way they roll off the tongue, but some words can be used so much that they lose their meaning. So, what is jazz? In today’s set, which I’m calling, “Jazz Expressions”, I’ll see if I can get you some clarity. It’s also the name of the EP Release by Lydia Salet Dudley. Jazz Expressions. Here’s Ramsey Lewis. Love Notes.

Ramsey Lewis, Love Notes.
Mike Phillips, Setembro.
Lydia Salet Dudley, Misty

From her recent EP Release, Jazz Expressions, that’s Ms. Lydia Salet Dudley and Misty. A song that I always dedicate to Evelyn. If you are a serious movie buffs will connect on that. Our theme for today: Jazz Expressions. Is it Jazz? Here’s something from guitarist, Chuck Loeb, a song that was recently stuck in my head. I woke up hearing it, and now I pass it on to you. That’s appreciation. Check it out.

Chuck Loeb, Appreciation
Marilyn Scott, Sadness
Dr. Lonnie Smith, Dapper Dan

Dr. Lonnie Smith, not to be confused with Lonnie-Liston Smith. Two different jazz cats, but each unique in their own regard. The good doctor plays a mean Hammond B., an instrument you don’t hear every day. So, let’s make it a three-peat, with the great Charles Earland, and Joey De Francesco. This is called, New Blues. Thanks for checking us out. Jazz Infinity, with John Marcus.

Joey DeFrancesco, New Blues
Charles Earland, The Creation
Lydia Salet Dudley, Someday we'll all be free

From the album, Jazz Expressions, borrowed for today’s theme, once again..that’s Lydia Salet Dudley. Someday we’ll all be free. As we’ve demonstrated, there are certain elements that must be present in order for there to be jazz. Creativity. Originality. Highly skilled musicianship. Interaction, and sometimes, I just want to hear a nice groove… just don’t leave out the jazz. Time to hit the stretch. Here’s Norman Brown, from his latest: Heart to heart. I miss your groove.

Norman Brown, I miss your groove
Lin Rountree, Pass the groove
Billy Cobham, Okky Dokky
Kem, Lie to me

That’s Kem Owens, born in Nashville. Raised in Detroit. Of course, we know him as Kem, with an E. He’s been teasing us with this new album, yet to be released. Only a couple of singles. You just heard the most recent. Billy Cobham, Lin Rountree, and Norman Brown all preceded. As you can see, jazz can take on many forms, deliver many sounds. Smooth is just one of them. Keep that in mind as we continue with Herb
Alpert, Alvin Davis, Antonio Jackson, and Lynne Fiddmont.

Antonio Jackson,, The Wave
Herb Alpert, Fantasy Island
L.A. Jazz Syndicate (featuring Lynne Fiddmont), Love Season
Alvin Davis, A blessing

A sax player you don’t often hear in the Smooth Jazz universe. Alvin Davis. LA Jazz Syndicate, with Lynne Fiddmont just before. She’s another artist who is well-known, but not as well as (I think) she deserves. I like what we’re doing. Let’s add some Nick Colionne, and keep it movin’. Thanks again for listening to Jazz Infinity. I’m John Marcus.

Nick Colionne, Closer
Take 6, Don’t Know Why
The Sahara Club, Feel (radio edit)
Azymuth, Em Marica

So, what is jazz? To be honest, it’s in the minds of the beholder. The more you listen and hear, the more you’ll understand. And then, before very long at all…you’ll know it’s jazz the moment you hear it. And, anything else…is something else. I hope we’ve struck the proper chord, in that regard. My name is John Marcus. Thank you for joining me for another episode of jazz Infinity. Nexst time out, it’s keys like these, and the final session of our 12 weeks of summer. I’m going to leave you with a healthy dose of harmony, from Atjazz. Take care. Stay smooth.

Atjazz, Harmony

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