"Joe Revell is a self made millionaire, the CEO of Revell industries, he made his fortune in oil (massage, extra virgin, Swarfega) He’s quite a guy! His gorgeous wife, WBBL, is a freelance ankle model and a black belt origami champion, she knows how to take care of herself and can fold paper more exquisitely than you or I could ever dream. Together, they fight crime!

In a world full of sexy crime fighting duos our pair rank right up there alongside the very best; Crockett and Tubbs, Sapphire and Steel, Turner & Hooch, unfortunately they haven’t got a snappy name, so we’re going with The Madame and Joe Show as a working title.

Being a crime fighting couple, they collaborate on many things; who gets to slide over the bonnet of the car, a la sabotage; who wears the Magnum PI moustache; who features in this week’s car chase montage…but now they’ve collaborated on a track, a track so good you’ll want to slap on a moustache, slide over your car bonnet and play it loud whilst being in a car chase (or whilst driving within the speed limits, whichever works for you).

Behold, Joe Revell & WBBL - Default

When they get together, it’s MURDER! (or not murder)" - Fat Harry.

Video by Shaka Loves You:

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