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"To understand the background of Kentaur Podcast Sagas we have to go back in time and start from the beginning.

The first quest of Ken Taur & Friends... Ken Taur and Commando Ufwalon (The stars of this extra ordinary saga) was on the front of our Ken Taur Rolling Papers. Maybe some of you are familiar with this.

After a few years, an idea of a musical adventure started to shape up to something interesting. Where you can follow Ken Taur & Co on their adventures across valleys, mountains, seas, space and beyond in their quest for talented musicians.

Let your fantasy flow and join them on their quest for music and magic! A great hike into the imaginary world of fables and fairytales where music become tales of great adventures, and where the musician is the narrator of these tales.

A great hike of tales and imagination told to you our beloved listeners from all over the world by our beloved narrators (Musicians)

This season of Kentaur Podcast you will get to know these characters more personal.

Now we kick of the second season - Journey into The Unknown - with another chapter we call...

  • On A Trail Of Fabels -

The next 12 months we will introduce a new member each month that will join us on our quests.

In the eight episode of this quest of ours we proudly presents

I am Frost ( Thank you "

    0:00   Apollo's Messanger - Netbos
    7:40   David Granha - Paths
    13:20   Animal Picnic - Particles of God
    23:40   Kotelett - Let It Happen
    30:20   Bassmelodie - Innocence
    35:40   Francys - Arcenciel
    44:40   Dahu - Shattered
    49:40   Koen Schepens - Did You Hear That

    Electronic, Deep House, Ken Taur, I am Frost, Deep, Intense
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