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Miss Bliss is a Florida Native. Born and raised in south Florida, her music is eclectic to say the least. From her mother's love of Disco, to her own love of early alternative and Miami Bass, it is easy to see where she gets her influences.
It wasn't until 1991, when she moved to Orlando, that things got serious. Being an early adopter to the underground music scene exposed her to a whole new world. Going to epic clubs like Aahz, the Abyss and the Edge went hand in hand with underground parties like Rob and Jason's (Jester Emotion) warehouse parties as well as random digs.
This started a wave of interest in all of the different sounds that were available to hear and to purchase all over central Florida. With Orlando quickly becoming the center of the breakbeat sound, many artists were starting to see real success. Without looking back, Miss Bliss saw the lack of female artists. She slowly started to collect all genres and types of vinyl. A few 1200's and some equipment later and an artist was born.
While most of her friends had picked up their own vinyl addictions, it became clear that they should expand their horizons. Fuzzy Bunny Productions was born, and self promotion and playing out soon became the norm. Playing regular gigs, festivals and special venues all over central Florida, she was not defined by any one style. As comfortable in Drum & Bass, Progressive house and of course Breaks, she was always surprising with either a delicious groove of subtle house or an in your face bass explosion of Nu Skool Breaks.
In the late 1990s, she found her way onto the airwaves as the premier female artist on 93 Dance FM (93.1). She remained with them throughout their tenure (the FCC wanted a piece of the action). Through the station, she was able to connect with her fans in new ways and her fan base grew.
Throughout the 2000's Miss Bliss continued to tone her craft and play at different venues and parties. It wasn't until the 2010's that she finally succumbed to the digital revolution, after amassing many thousands of classic records. Miss Bliss is now at the peak of her perfection, she is the consummate force of digital and vinyl mastery.
As part of the up and coming Slamma Jamma Crew, she has joined forces with a group of unique musical pioneers. She can be seen in clubs and playing festivals all over central Florida and beyond.

Check out these sites or upcoming events, new mixes and happenings @ facebook.com/IamDjMissBliss


Make sure to check out Slamma Jamma Saturdays live video & audio @ 9pm central time @ youtube.com/user/GremlinRadio or gremlinradio.com

    20:20   Soul of Man - Killa Brew
    50:00   Livin' Joy - Dreamer - Radio Mix
    51:00   Livin' Joy - Dreamer
    57:40   Libra presents Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name
    58:20   BT - Anomaly (Calling Your Name)

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