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"Have You Heard" is a weekly show on KCSM, 91.1FM in the San Francisco Bay Area and online at kcsm.org. The show is curated by yours truly, musician and educator Patrick Wolff. Each week, we will spend a full hour delving deep into the music of one single artist, with biography, context, and maybe a little criticism or analysis. The artists represented on this show cover the range of jazz styles and may be living or dead, but have distinguished themselves by contributing something significant or original to the idiom of jazz.

    2:00   Freddie Redd - Music Forever
    10:00   Freddie Redd - View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Sausalito / Grant Street (Chinatown) / Barbary Coast / Cousin Jimbo's Between 3 & 7 A.M. / Daw
    24:20   Freddie Redd - The Thespian
    32:40   Freddie Redd - Somewhere
    40:20   Joe Roland - Indian Summer
    43:20   Joe Roland - Stephanie's Dance
    46:20   Art Farmer - Blue Lights
    51:40   Art Farmer - Capri

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