Xanopticon live in Uhrturm Kassematte, Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria, 28 October 2006.

'Give it up for Mr. XanoptiicoOOOON. XANOPTICOOOOOONN!!'

Elevate Festival in Graz is one of the premiere music and social awareness festivals in all of Europe.

Graz is a smallish town in the southeast of Austria, and Graz is generally known for two things- it's a college town, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in a suburb of Graz. Now that Elevate Festival has been a yearly occurrence since the mid 2000s, Graz is now known for three things. Well, also that complete eyesore of an art gallery building, so four things.

Elevate is a week-long festival, with all sorts of political and social panel discussions, demonstrations of the latest high-tech innovations, and a bunch of music.

The four music stages of Elevate sit at the top of a mountain in the center of town. Outdoors, there's a main stage and a secondary stage, and two more stages sit inside the mountain. Seriously, they are caves, and the mainstage is gigantic with a massive sound system, and the second stage is where all the crazy music happens.

The first night in the small cave features experimental and avant-garde musics of all styles and instrumentations. The second night features hard, aggressive electronic music. Industrial / breakcore legend Eiterherd has been involved with the festival since the beginning, and has organized all the bands for this venue.

So if you find yourself in that part of the world in October, look it up. Because Graz is such a small town and Elevate is such a high profile event, finding a hotel room can be a challenge. But if you can work it out, you won't regret going.


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