[remastered & remixed]
One of our friends asked me, why I never wrote a song for my lovely wife - I think the answer was, I never had the nerve and the right song/lyrics. I'm still not too sure if this is the right song - anyway here are the lyrics, so judge for yourself.

You lift me up

You lift me up
so I feel your power
You heal my soul
You're my Lotus flower

When you take my hand
I can touch the sky
And I understand
I'm blessed by love

You lift me up
I'm almost flying
You hold my heart
Yeah - until I'm dying

When you call my name
I'll be there for you
And I feel your flame
and it's burning in my blood

You lift me up
I'm lost without you
You make me whole
no I can't deny you

With you I'm complete
I can always grow
Whatever you need
Just let me know

You are my faith
You're my stars and sun
right here by my side
forever you belong

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