If you've enjoyed my first two Landscapes Series, then you're in for a very special treatment. Behind the concept of the third chapter there are several key factors, which have made me thinking a lot about what I love when it comes to DJing and I hope you will truly feel the vibes through this new Mix session.

Disc 1 kicks off with a few deep bright Progressive tracks that will lift your mood straight from the beginning as you stand on the edge of the cliff called life. Looking far down to search for the answers you've never got in the past, finding yourself suddenly falling in the deepest and darkest ocean abyss, getting your soul pampered by salty cold waves.
Right underneath the sea level, there you have your main entry to the darkest and secret black hole..that is where the mix will bring you without any notice.
Welcome into the darkest hypnotic experience you may have ever lived through: floating textures gently whet your mind and your soul until you reach the unexpected no return point. They call it Trance, they call it ecstasy, they will tell you to stop but you could not get enough of it and ask for more and more. But you know...it is never too late to swim back to that black hole.


01) BEN BOHMER - Fliederregen (Original Mix) [THIS NEVER HAPPENED]
02) JAZZ DO IT - For A Moment (Original Mix) [ANJUNADEEP]
04) EELKE KLEIJN - Mojo's Tale (Animal Trainer Extended Remix) [DAYS LIKE NIGHTS]
05) SUBANDRIO - Moas Gone (Original Mix) [SERENDEEP]
07) STAN KOLEV - Selcouth (Petar Dundov Remix) [ELEATICS]
08) MATIAS VILA - Ahora (Eran Aviner & Hermanez Remix) [SOUND AVENUE]
09) ELEKTROLUCHS - Infraspinatus (Juan Sapia Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]
11) KRYS HYPNOWAVE - Ursa Major (Claudio PRC Version) [NO WAY]
12) NAREL & FACADE - Burn Your Idols (Facade Mix) [FORESCAPE DIGITAL]
13) JOHN HOPKINS - Singularity (ANNA Remix) [DOMINO]
14) HORIZONS - Die Berliner Hymne (Jam El Mar Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

Disc 2 will give you a different perspective of my concept of Progressive, in a sort of Studio essential mix of some of my favourite vibes of the past few months. I've tried building a totally different mood with this mix that could possibly stimulate the most demanding #Traveller out there. We, at Landscapes Music, keeps seeking for this type of Progressive and have, therefore, based my mix inspired by what I've been signing on my label in the last years. Some of these names have also been featured on my label, some other names will very soon: how about take a deep breath, turn off the lights and get yourself immersed into a unique deep and dark experience that ranges between Progressive House and Progressive Trance.


01) BOCIANSKI - Era (Original Mix) [ELECTRONIC TREE]
02) KATRIN SOUZA - Black City (Original Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]
03) DEEPSEC - Monotone Things (Christian Monique Remix) [ELECTRONIC TREE]
04) EZE RAMIREZ - 3 De Enero (Original Mix) [SUFFUSED MUSIC]
05) NOOSPHERE - Talk To The Wind (Kay-D Remix) [BONZAI PROGRESSIVE]
06) MATAN CASPI - Eunoia (Lily Pita Remix) [BONZAI PROGRESSIVE]
07) RAFA'EL - Although (Arno & Dirisio Remix) [ELECTRONIC TREE]
08) JHONNY LP - Borealis (Original Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]
09) MENDEXX - Alcazar (Paul Hamilton Remix) [BONZAI PROGRESSIVE]
10) MORTTAGUA - Amunet (Original Mix) [TIMELESS MOMENT]
11) EWAN RILL - Be A Water (Andre Absolut Remix) [QUAINT]
12) SPACE MOTION - Jaguar (Original Mix)[TIMELESS MOMENT]
13) BLUE CELL - Omegain (The Wash Remix) [YIN]
14) TIMEWAVE - Transcend (Serge Landar Remix) [FORESCAPE DIGITAL]

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    Progressive, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Melodic Techno, Landscapes Music, Proton Music, Deep, Dark, Underground, Club Music, Intro, Disc 1, Disc2, Horizons
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 124 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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