The eponymous Levisticum is a repetitive series of simple 4/4 patterns comprising drums, clicks and sirens that lock into a simple pattern early and, satisfied, keep it coming until the end of the track. Being this long, two minutes elapses before things really get kicking, but by then the drums are truly pounding, there's shakers and smaller squeaking noises, but they're all subservient to the deafening rocket-ship-take-offs that appear haphazardly throughout the track. Further action comes from a two-note conga riff, the most purely decorative element here, but it's the excitement wrought by the sirens that push this along.Seb Astian's sine tone-like blips are transformed from melody into percussion as grey echo-drenched pulses sweep by, soothingly, before becoming jaunty and melodious. The same sirens make an appearance but here they're subdued and less frequently deployed, and while the percussion here is busier and funkier. In third place is the New Story which is a melody/rhythm tapped out on plastic vocals and claves, a sweeping drone and little aqueous burps and echoes. The shift this time comes from a 909 snare drained of sustain and thicker daubs of electronic tone. These two squabble amid the detail before things wind up after seven and a half minutes.King of the ring3 is a track loaded with plenty of tribal tech elements , vocal samples arranged differently to give a groovy, echoey effect. The bassline melody is altered to give the tune a technoish feel and this is certainly felt during the long breakdown in the middle. Unleashed to a wicked crowd response by Richie Hawtin 3 times in a row the track is a sure killer.Delivered using

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    • 126 bpm
    • Key: Em
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