It's been a while I did a full moon mix but with tomorrows super-moon I thought it was a fitting moment to put a new one online!

Hiphop with and without vocals for your ears, sometimes rough & sometimes dark. As you can see this is part two if you are interested in part one you can find that one here:

I hope you enjoy and if you do please comment/share/favorite, thanks!

Oneirich is the curator of the Horae Obscura radioshow.

    Edouard Trolliet - The Grey 2
    Moodie Black - NO BLOOD (feat. Ceschi)
    Opine Ko$insky - Nutrition for the Masses
    Bizarre feat King Gordy - Justin Bieber (?P?LLY?N'S ?IS?GE Screw)
    Lucidstatic - Agent Of Chaos (ft Sumibraxis of Toothgnasher)
    Le Crabe & Stazma - Death Smell
    lingouf - L'orchestre caché dans un ventre
    L'ombre - Cityspeak ( Displacer Remix )
    Solypsis - siphoned gas guzzler
    Lucidstatic - Dreams In The Void (ft Chris Lacroix and Suzie Hess of Apollyon's Visage)
    Twinkle - Un Passage Antérieur
    Morbus M - Deep line
    GRZA - Alles Kapot Stijl
    Reverse Engineering - Future Shock (feat. M. Sayyid & Blu Rum 13)
    Morbus M - Fight or die
    Solypsis - Shithop Vol3
    Noistruct - Lights Out

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