C-drik! The thriving force behind Syrphe label and promoter of African and Asian artists! This set is a real gem imo, plunge into this set filled with "Not your world music" :)


Obscurum Noctis is an on-line radio event hosted by Oneirich from the Horae Obscura Show.

Website: horaeobscura.be
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    Amma Ateria - P of PONY (Hong Kong)
    Navid Afghah - The Temple Of Wooden Figurs (Iran)
    ?rash ?z?di - Noises of broken (Iran)
    Nasal Police - Fan (Philippines)
    CONTROL-Z - Teks Dalam Kurung (Indonesia)
    Ujjaya - Slow trance (Madagascar-France)
    Nene Hatun - Nur (Turkey-Germany)
    Dakn - ID (Palestine)
    Vardam Harutyunyan - Air and stones (Armenia)
    Sound Awakener - Let yourself be pure (Vietnam)
    Gülce Özen Gürkan - S?n?rlarda (Turkey)
    Hhiña-ta - ta (China)
    VAVABOND - Accelerate (China)
    Children Of The Cathode Ray - Raymanray (Philippines)
    Victor Gama - Mensagem a Luanda (Angola-Portugal)
    Yximalloo - Khaki Men (Japan)
    Crepusculo - The Heliospheric Current Sheet (Mongolia)
    Infinite moment of composure - Infiltration (Lebanon)
    Orgatanatos - New world's end Paradigm (Uzbekistan)
    Bangkai Angsa - Portal to the Sun God (Indonesia)
    Jacqueline George - Fagalaat (Egypt)
    Yousef Kawar - Genes factory (Jordan)
    Hasan Hujairi - Oneiroi (Bahrain)
    Dror Eyal - Southern Right Bio Config #1 Mix (South Africa)
    Post-Avantist - Cure Ailment (Baluchistan-Pakistan-Kuwait)
    Souk el Guerillas - I Dont Speak Arabic (Algeria)
    Valtiel - Planet of ghosts (India)
    ZhangJW - Doppler (China)
    Letargy Terror - New Day (Uzbekistan)
    Maujud Ost - LeppenGenni
    Xerxes The Dark - Hypnotic Math (Iran)
    Bai Tian - White Night (China)
    Litter - Helicopters over motorcity (Lebanon)
    Xü Cheng - My living space 4 (China)
    Yan Jun  - 4th ring shopping killer (China)
    Tsotne Gogitidze - Nevada Pt 2 (Georgia)
    Ching-Pei Chang - Fishs (Taiwan)
    Big-Machete - Osaka In Order (Bangladesh)

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