Simon Heath aka Atrium Carceri is the owner of the Dark Ambient label Cryo Chamber.

The label has some true gems on it and he's been doing mixes on his youtube channel.

I hope you enjoy his Obscurum Noctis mix!

Obscurum Noctis is an on-line radio event hosted by Oneirich from the Horae Obscura Show.


    Hùng Nguy?n M?nh - Distor-summer (Short Version)
    Half A Moment - Schants
    Cannaya - Fields of Death
    Bipol - Talk About My Scream
    C-drik - Ici et ailleurs
    The [Law-Rah] Collevtive - Zondagmorgen
    Camanecroscope - Opening With The Sign of Voor (Version AD 2006)
    This Morn' Omina - Ennoia
    Letzte Ausfahrt leben - Calling The Ether
    Conjecture - Conjecture
    Author & Punisher - Shame (Dub Mix by Theologian)
    }hexdump - A Diffident Mitochondrial Discourse
    Snowbeasts - The Places I Go When I Dream

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