Fall is upon us and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

You know what that means! The darkness has returned and so did Horae Obscura.

We kicked off the new radio season with tracks from Compulsive Masturbation Productions, Do What Thou Wilt Recs, Midnight Radio Compilation, Petroglyph en Section 27.

Original artwork: Cornelis Cornelisz Van Haarlem - The Monk and the Nun

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    Covolux - Humans have nipples, get over it
    Miko Vania - Sinuous Grooves
    Adeptus Mechanicus - Never forever
    Lex Gorecore - You're Not Lou Reed, So You Bleed
    Escaped Trees - Navigation on the Lethe
    Lomita - The Evil
    DeepDark - Aliens
    Jaime Munárriz - soft nipple shadow
    sentimental machines - for a perfect disguise
    [ònyma'kymæ] - kyma'validéthor
    Gothick - Timeships of the Spider Lwa
    Backyard Ghost - Keychains And Snowstorms
    Mitoma - Waxing Gibbous
    Mental Escape Pod - Chasng

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