The Moon has reached it fullness again. Time for another Full Moon mix.

For this month I recorded a mix with some Rhythmic Noise…

So brace yourselves and enjoy the ride!

Original artwork: Picture of the full moon above my hometown shot by Astro Bruges,
check out his instagram page for moor cool astro pix:

Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

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    Monokrom - Hare in a Pit
    Bitch Per Minute - Tearjerker (nlinear Remix)
    ??/liq - ?????????????
    Iszoloscope - Zero Becomes One (Live Cut)
    Caustic - Pass the Drill (Terrorfakt mix)
    [Fabrikmutter] - Exodo
    Sturqen - Gunu
    Nullvektor - Haltlos
    Fractured Transmission - Dysentery
    Distortion Six - Steampnk
    Le Moderniste - Manic Depression
    Dirty K - Cataclysm
    mononoizick - dibbuk
    Henge - Blackout
    Mutter - Blood Gutter
    Greyhound - Lead The Way
    Last Days of S.E.X. - Amphisonic Hypers.e.x.ual Mayhem
    Mono No Aware - After The Experiment

    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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