Many of you know my love & appreciation for World Music, especially from India & Africa.

Now a little while ago an already renowned african musician named Msafiri Zawose ( somehow noticed me & asked me if I want to collab & eXPeriment a bit with his music. So this is my first try on one of his tracks from his last album "Mbotela" called "Ilima" (Original here:

I feel very much honoured to be thought worthy to contribute to the continuation of this ancient Tanzanian "GoGo" music & hope you like it! :-)

This is what others write about him:
"Msafiri Zawose is renowned for his traditional Gogo style music, which relies heavily on the zeze & limba in combination with distinct lyrical harmonies. This rich musical tradition is from the Wagogo people Dodoma in Central Tanzania. Msafiri Zawose, son of the late Dr. Hukwe Zawose, continues this musical tradition while fusing with more modern styles, creating a truly distinct and unique sound."

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