When first I heard Milana's melody "Let me tell you a story" on SoundCloud I immediately was enchanted, and the desire to take up her offer to create an own variation of this wonderful song stirred my heart deeply:


I could imagine some slow meditative Sitar phrases to go along with her melody, even deepening its rich atmosphere, maybe also some tabla and flute, possibly some vocals, but since right now I don't have the necessary time and exercise to dig in so deeply I started with a flute- and drumline on VST instruments instead and decided that this will be my "first try" version.

I hope you can still enjoy it somewhat, and that future times will lead me back to this and to realize all the wonderful possibilities I immediately sensed from the beginning.

This is what Milana herself wrote concerning her project "Una Corda":

"Last summer I had the exciting privilege to meet a very special person - David Klavins (@ThePianoGuy), the creator of two unique pianos: The Giant and Una Corda. A gentle power and a shimmering dream. An old wise ocean and a sweet youthful fantasia. Northern Lights and Eternal Rainbow. I am trying to find the right words to express it as I literally got lost when I touched The Giant and Una Corda. I was trapped in the fairy tale where elves are playing their magical harps in a Shimmering Forest.

When I came back to reality, the enchantment followed me all the way home and I let it touch the keys and create its magic, loving and improvisational, romantic and jazzy. This is how Una Corda Fantasia album was born. For you to listen and enjoy the dream.

These days David is building the new Giant (klavins-pianos.com/b/mod450_en.htm), a new incredible piano. You can be a part of it by buying “Una Corda Fantasia” - all the proceeds from the online sales will be donated to support the creation of the new Giant. Thank you and enjoy the music!

You can download this track (60 bpm) and remix, arrange, orchestrate it in any way you want. Please, drop me a message with the link to your version and I will add it to the playlist with all the versions of this track:


Please, include the link back to this track in the description of your version, so others can discover it as well and support the creation of the new Giant.

If you want the original MIDI, you can download the WAV with the MIDI over here:

    Full Link
    Short Link (Twitter)